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Almost Nobody Predicted This Weekend's Wild Dota 2 Tournament

The International 2018 ends tomorrow. By day’s end, over $25 million will be divided up among 18 teams from around the world with the lion’s share, $11.1 million, going to first place. Whoever that tu

Half-Life 2 Mod Adds Mario, Titanfall Powers

The “Mobility Mod” for Half-Life 2 gives Gordon Freeman access to a range of new powers, the coolest being the ability to jump on an enemy’s head to kill them and to get up there with some v

Tournament Underdogs Won This Year's Dota 2 International

Tournament underdogs OG won this year’s Dota 2 International after a tense five game series against higher ranked rivals LGD. Victory must have felt especially sweet for the team’s skipper,